About me: Oséias Alves from Brazil.

About me?? humm... Well, If I were asked "what can you tell me about yourself?"

My answer would be slightly different, depending on the situation, but basically I can tell you that I find myself nuts very often!

Now why?

Cos I´m the kind of person that from time to time sits and thinks about nothing... about those questions: _What a Heck am I doing here? _What is my mission? _What is it all about? _What next? _Should I keep studying and working so hard? If so, until when, and what for?

I also believe in considered weird things for many people, such as that for me, there are seven dimensions, and not only three... I believe we can be conscious in our dreams and drive ourselves anywhere within the 5th dimension, but it is not as easy as taught., and so on...

Sometimes I talk to myself.. something like, "come on Oséias, go and do it!!! What´re you waiting for?? It doesn´t really matter... Who cares?

I don´t like to live just for living. I rather have a real reason to be up next day. I try to wake up every morning and mentally clap my hands and think "Ok, today it´s gonna be a great day!"

My life´s had ups and downs like everyone´s else, but the best period of mine was in 2001, when I was in Belém, PA, BRAZIL. But don´t you want to know why, cos I won´t tell you.

I can only say that I lived a real dream and it had to be over. What a pity!

We can not turn back the hands of time, so now I thirst for another live-dream, which shall soon happen. I´ve been waiting for this for a while, as a matter of fact!

People tell me I´m romantic, and know how to treat the one I´m having a relationship with. I think it´s true. When I´m really into a person, I don´t need to say anything. This person knows by looking at me.

When I love someone, the word impossible is deleted, and I live my life not only for me, but for us both.

There´s one thing I don´t allow. It is called lie. I may love you, truly, but if you lie to me, I won´t wait for the second time, and won´t hear any explanations. I hate fakeness

I don´t think that making mistakes is wrong nor bad, however I´m not happy to see the same silly slip happening twice. And I´m not addressing it only to you, but to me as well. I mean, I´ve got also to learn with my wrong attitudes.

In the kitchen, I don´t depend on anyone. If I´m hungry, I know how to make some food. It tastes good for me, but usually guests  complain about it! Lol

I try to be nice with everyone. At work for instance, I say good morning to all. To the director and to the maid. We´re all the same underneath our skin. Sometimes I don´t get a good morning back. But I don´t let their bad mood change my joy.

I love going rollerblading. This is another issue for my craziness!

For me, our lives have not been written yet. We´re the authors. Don´t tell me oh, that had to be that way... NO! At least not for me! We do what we want to do, that´s the "free will" saying. Of course that sometimes we feel not able to do what we really wanted to. But that´s something else.

On sports, my favorite one is swimming, although I´m only 5'-9".... When I was six years old I got my little finger broken by playing soccer. So from that day on, I liked swimming better.

* After all this reading, you likely want to ask me why it is in English.

* The answer is because English is the Global language, which means that in theory, anywhere on Earth, if you speak English, you are able to communicate. The second reason is that because English is the most beautiful language in the world and my passion as well.

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Take care and xoxo!