Re: Heir Hunters

Attn: Please,

I am writing you from the Heir Hunters Company in the United Kingdom, we are Heir Hunters detectives looking for distant relatives of people who have died without making a will.

United Kingdom government last year made over GBP80M from unclaimed estates. When people die intestate (without valid WILL) and with no known relatives, list of these unclaimed estates are published by the Treasury.

The race is now on for heir locators to track down the often distant relatives in line for a windfall. Often heir hunters pick more unusual names first, as they are easier to trace.

We came across your profile and email while searching through genealogy database, we will be glad if you can get back to us with your full names and address to see if it corresponds with the information we have in the genealogy database in order to carry out the necessary verification processes and to get your claim across to you without any delay.

Heir Hunters have handed over millions of funds to heirs who have no idea of their fortune. We will gladly answer any of your questions.

Very Truly Yours
Admin Staff.